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March 20, 2009

GIO Report on Water

At last the time has come. After seven deep dives on four different continents, hundreds of discussions and dozens of opinions, the GIO report on Water is finally available.

Aptly named Water: A Global Innovation Outlook Report, this comprehensive treatment of the challenges and opportunities inherent in modern day management of global water systems can be downloaded here. You can also order hard copies, free of charge, by clicking on this link.

This GIO report takes a hard look at the difficulties society is having managing the most precious resource on earth. A severe lack of data on water use, rapidly changing climate patterns, and a complex global system that is often managed on a local basis all contribute to these challenges.

But there is reason to be hopeful. Already great efforts are being made to measure, monitor, and analyze massive water systems, from the rivers and reservoirs to the pumps and pipes in our homes. The report details dozens of groundbreaking projects, like the SmartBay system in Galway, Ireland, which monitors an entire oceanic ecosystem, collecting data on everything from tides and waves to changes on the ocean floor. The information is then used to inform a host of industries, such as aquaculture, tourism, and alternative energy.

Or the amazing strides Israeli farmers have made in water conservation. Since 1964, Israeli agriculture has fed a population that has nearly tripled, and they have only increased their water consumption by 3 percent. How do they do it? An astounding array of technology that includes automated drip irrigation systems that can determine the exact times when plants are absorbing water into their roots.

Or Singapore's resounding success in water reuse. Using advanced filtration technology, Singapore, with no natural water resources of its own, will meet 30 percent of its total water demand next year with branded, reclaimed water called NEWater.

These are just a few of the many examples of how the world is getting smarter about water. We encourage you to download or order hard copies of the report and consider how you or your organization can contribute.

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